7-Day Detox Kit (Mitocore)

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Our Ortho Molecular MitoCORE 7-Day Detox Kits help remove toxins, increase energy, support immune function, and support liver detoxification. This detox kit includes:
1- MitoCORE 14.6 oz Protein Powder
1- Bottle of PhytoCore Capsules (20 Count)
1- Bottle of Z-Binder Capsules (60 count)

The MitoCORE Protein Blend is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients and protein.
Directions: Mix 1 scoop of with 8-10 ounces of the beverage of your choice to the desired thickness, once daily
How it Helps:
• Recharges Cellular Energy Production
• Supports Immune Function
• Increases Antioxidant Protection
• Supports Detoxification Capacity

MitoCORE Protein Blend provides a unique blend of acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine. All have shown to support immune function and energy output. MitoCORE Protein Blend also includes key micronutrients and phytonutrients, including green tea, broccoli seed
extract and resveratrol, to protect the mitochondria and continually recharge the cycle of energy production. The protein addition allows an ease of nutrition for those with immune challenges. MitoCORE Protein Blend is available in delicious strawberry and lemon flavors.

PhytoCore also helps with detox and has a specialized blend of nutrients.
Directions: take 2-3 capsules two times per day
How it Helps:
• Boosts Liver Health
• Supports Phase I and II Liver Detoxification
• Increases the Body’s Production of Bile
• Supports Immune Balance in Hypersensitive Individuals

Each PhytoCore capsule includes silymarin (milk thistle seed extract), artichoke leaf extract, turmeric root extract, methionine, choline, inositol, garlic and dandelion root extract. These botanicals and plant extracts contain phytonutrients, antioxidants and other compounds shown to boost liver health and support Phase I and II liver detoxification.

Z-Binder is important for gastrointestinal (GI) support.
Directions: take 2 capsules by mouth between meals
How it Helps:
• Promotes Detoxification and Elimination in the GI Tract
• Reduces Immune Burden and Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance
• Supports Microbial Balance
• Broad-Spectrum Binding Capacity

Z-Binder is a comprehensive binding formula containing natural ingredients to support enhanced clearance of heavy metals, mycological agents and organic compounds like glyphosate from the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike proprietary blends, Z-Binder is formulated with standardized amounts of
zeolite, activated charcoal, and humic and fulvic acids. These ingredients gather and remove a wide array of toxins and debris for a thorough detoxification protocol, limiting the effects of die-off reactions and relieving immune burden.